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Actor & Movie MeMe

  Swiped from lab_jazz . The object: take this list of actors and name your favourite movie in which he/she starred.

In several cases, I've only seen one of the movies featuring a particular actor, which makes the exercise a bit pointless; but maybe you'll have better luck. 

1. Bette Midler

Divine Madness
Scenes From A Mall

2. Lauren Bacall
The Big Sleep

3. Jodie Foster
Anna & The King

4. Katherine Hepburn
Tough call. Maybe The Glass Menagerie. 

5. Audrey Tautou

6. Toni Collette
Muriel's Wedding
Sixth Sense

7. Kristin Scott Thomas
Gosford Park

8. Maggie Smith
Washington Square
The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie

9. Gena Rowlands
Another Woman

10. Sandra Bullock
Miss Congeniality

1. Viggo Mortensen
Lord Of The Rings

2. Al Pacino
The Godfather I

3. William Hurt
Kiss Of The Spider Woman

4. Gael Garcia Bernal

5. Stellan Skarsgard
Good Will Hunting

6. Daniel Day Lewis
A Room With A View

7. Jeff Bridges
The Big Lebowski
The Fisher King

8. Terence Stamp
The Phantom Menace

9. Bill Nighy
The Girl In The Cafe

10. Philip Seymour Hoffman
Owning Mahoney

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