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 A book meme passed along by beauty_forashes . My 50 all-time favourite books, in no particular order. Surprisingly hard to limit the list to only 50, which I did by restricting titles to fiction only, and giving novel series a single listing. Collapse )
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 Why is Vision TV showing Absolutely Fabulous? And during prime time, not at 3:00 A.M. It kind of stands out among all the Rosh Hashanah documentaries and whatnot. 
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Thanks for all the fish.

 I never check my home page, so I only now became aware that people have periodically been leaving me virtual gifts over the past couple of years. Not being aware of the gifts, I never acknowledged them. It's a bit late now, but please take this as an apology for ignoring your virtual presents, and belated thanks for the various gifts & greetings back to 2008. 
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