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The Making Of Log TV

 The man behind your favourite holiday viewing.  Shouldn't he at least get the Lifetime Achievement Award?

Happy birthday

 to Aulic_Exclusiva. Many happy returns and minimal regrets.

Glee Meets Bar Mitzvah Preparation Class

 Happy holiday to anyone celebrating it. Hit it, boys.

 Have to admire the kid, although it's clear he's going to grow into one terrifying little diva.

Nov. 17th, 2010

 A book meme passed along by ashmedai . My 50 all-time favourite books, in no particular order. Surprisingly hard to limit the list to only 50, which I did by restricting titles to fiction only, and giving novel series a single listing. The list:Collapse )

Time Well Wasted

 This is a puzzle BD found in some magazine at work. Read more...Collapse )

Not that I mind

 Why is Vision TV showing Absolutely Fabulous? And during prime time, not at 3:00 A.M. It kind of stands out among all the Rosh Hashanah documentaries and whatnot. 

Good boys!

 16-2 against the Boston Red Sox last night. Very pretty.

Actor & Movie MeMe

  Swiped from lab_jazz . The object: take this list of actors and name your favourite movie in which he/she starred.

The listCollapse )

Thanks for all the fish.

 I never check my home page, so I only now became aware that people have periodically been leaving me virtual gifts over the past couple of years. Not being aware of the gifts, I never acknowledged them. It's a bit late now, but please take this as an apology for ignoring your virtual presents, and belated thanks for the various gifts & greetings back to 2008.